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11/26/2020 9:13 am  #1

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a safely distanced and healthy Thanksgiving. 


11/26/2020 1:19 pm  #2

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Yep. Happy Bird-day everybody.


11/26/2020 1:30 pm  #3

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy and safe thanksgiving to all!


11/26/2020 2:14 pm  #4

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! to all my salads   

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11/27/2020 6:56 am  #5

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Toes crossed and sending very best wishes that a happy and tranquil Thanksgiving was enjoyed by all.
We had our usual feast for two. Son was able to roast and smoke the turkey on the grill. We had pounding rain for most of the day, but it let up in time to start the grill.
Today we are staying home and avoiding the madness of the day.


12/01/2020 1:49 am  #6

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Still eating leftovers! Hope it was a happy day, under the circumstances!

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12/01/2020 4:32 pm  #7

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a decent Thanksgiving.  Was invited to my younger brother's house for dinner.  I've never seen their new house, and it was quite impressive.  His older son and fiancee came up from Cincinnati.  I'd taken an old-fashioned cream pie over for dessert, and they'd made a pecan tart, as well.  Stayed until about 10:45PM, and then headed home, for a white-knuckled drive after going 4 miles and having a rather large doe walk out in front of me.  I was on two lane country roads for quite a distance, but got home safely with no "hood ornaments".  I didn't bother to go "shopping"  on "Black Friday". 

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12/01/2020 6:46 pm  #8

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

joec6lnx nadi:

Good you missed that "hood ornament". While she might have done well in the freezer, the added expensies would not have been good. I also never go out on Black Fridays. Just ain't safe.


12/01/2020 6:50 pm  #9

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Glad you made it home, even with the white knuckles!   

The date I joined the original board: 12/04/2002

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