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2/19/2021 7:23 pm  #11

Re: Winter Wonderland?

In KC we had lows of -15F, with -30F wind chills. Had a bathroom sink line freeze -- not the input, but the line that goes down to the sewer, which was a first after 27 years of living here. Eri-Guy took off the P trap and put a line in as far as he could go and hit ice. Yesterday morning, with an overnight low of a balmy 6F, it thankfully thawed.

The rolling blackouts were called off right before our "feed" was set to go black. Friends in the area reported being out of power up to 3 hours, despite the power company saying it should be no more than 90 minutes. Totally the luck of the draw that we never were impacted. 

The worst of winter is behind us, with any luck!


2/19/2021 10:25 pm  #12

Re: Winter Wonderland?

82Eridani nadi:
Your portion of the country has been scoring all the big storms this year. I'm thinking Nature's got a few more doozies lined up for y'all. Especially ice storms. Now's the time for those. Watch those pipes in those "thaws": that's when the blighters break. Western NY gets power outages up to 3 days and the North Country has been known to go for 3 wks sans power in some of the more spectacular storms--even with every power crew and some borrowed from other states out there slogging their way through whatever to get power back up. We're good at this sort of thing.

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2/24/2021 11:21 am  #13

Re: Winter Wonderland?

It feel like it’s snowed every other day for weeks now. But I’ve learned something: I don’t mind snow or winter at all as long as I don’t have to commute in it. If I can just hang out when it’s snowing or icy, and wait a few days until it’s clear enough to go out, I’m fine. So I don’t have to move to Florida for the winter after all, thank god!

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2/24/2021 9:27 pm  #14

Re: Winter Wonderland?

Driving and shoveling snow are really the only things I don't like about Snow.   

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3/02/2021 4:59 pm  #15

Re: Winter Wonderland?

I've been over to help Jeff out several times.  I'm not the only one, his sister comes over, he's got a childhood friend who brings him the plastic dog food bags for disposing of used kitty litter (and there's a LOT of that!).  he's at the doctor's office today for his follow up and to get the staples removed from the incisions.  He said he'd give me call when he gets home and needs me to clean the litter boxes.  Six boxes, and I swear, the cats must pee glue, because that stuff sticks to the bottom of the boxes.  I don't have that issue with my litter boxes, but then, I have only 5 cats.....
I was wandering in the tool area of Home Depot and found an extracting strap.  It has hooks on either end and you attach it to the rear axle or frame of the stuck vehicle and the other end to your front towing hooks, and gently east the stuck vehicle out of the snow.  For anything more than that, call a tow truck, as I'm not going to destroy my front end pulling some clown out of a muddy because they can't stay on the road.

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