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8/09/2020 6:16 am  #11

Re: Disruptions

Amazingly, the servicer for the generator just happened to be less than a mile away on his weary rounds, and he was here in 15 minutes with the necessary to fix the thing. Just needed some oil, apparently. We have never run it for four straight days before. So we had power for the cpap machines and fridge last night and will be able to recharge phones and iPad today. Con Ed said our power would be back on tonight, but many others will not have it restored until late Tuesday. Con Ed has a lot to answer for. One does so strongly feel that after Hurricane Sandy it should have internalized what would be necessary to restore power in these parts and been able to leap to it rapidly. Instead, there are so many places around town where the trees knocked down last Tuesday are still down and untouched five days later. 
the silver cloud is that we have learned that all that AC may not really be necessary. So long as it isn’t too hot our house is fairly pleasant if we open all the doors and get a breeze going.


8/09/2020 6:53 am  #12

Re: Disruptions

We were only out for two and a half days here in southern RI.  We use a power inverter we run off the car battery for power.  It’s enough to run the small fridge, lights and radio. We cook on a gas burner and the charcoal grill.  I push everything to the bottom of the deep freeze with ice layered over and several layers of bubble wrap.  Any thing we might want is stored above the bubble wrap with more over that.  I have kept food frozen for a week with this method.  We also keep water  on hand both for washing, flushing etc. and drinking. We seem to lose power at least once a year so we try to stay on top of emergency supplies.
It used to be when we reported power outages we would get a general fix by date; now all we get is ‘as soon as possible’. That’s sort of like the ‘round tuit’ if you ask me.

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8/09/2020 7:44 am  #13

Re: Disruptions

When the neighbor bought her house a couple of years ago, one of the first things she did was to install a whole-house generator.  It's come in handy a couple of times when lightning struck a main transformer somewhere and our power went out.  I've got a portable generator, about 5500 watts, but hauling it out of the garage (after taking all of the accumulated stuff on top of it, and then having to start it is not my idea of a good time. Still, it needs to be run again, and I haven't done that in several years.  A new whole-house generator and transfer switch would run about $4,500 or so, and I've got another major expense coming with the lateral sewer line from my house to the main sewer.  Estimate on that is $3,800 and it has to done, for a couple of reasons, it's clogged with tree roots, and the EPA has mandated that ceramic tile sewers  that allow rain water to infiltrate must be replaced with PVC pipe.  Well, it was inevitable.  My insurance agent says there's an endorsement that some people have that will help defray the costs.  I believe that endorsement is on my policy, and I did call and ask a couple of weeks ago.  I'm still looking to get that whole-house generator, though.

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8/09/2020 12:17 pm  #14

Re: Disruptions

I feel for all of you with power issues. With an average rainfall of less than 5 inches a year we just don't have weather-related power outages. The longest outage I have ever experience in Vegas was about 18 hours long. A car hit a pole which tore the powerlines off three other polls. And in another, an overly watered tree short-circuited through its owner's power line one monsoon season on a nightly basis until while walking my dog one night I saw it happen and reported it to NevadaPower. They sent in a crew that cut the tree down much to the owner's dismay. Those in our neighborhood, on the other hand, were overjoyed.  

So, again. I hope your power issues are cleaned up shortly.   

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