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3/03/2021 1:29 pm  #11

Re: Hapless outrage

so sorry to hear, Griffin-ji   

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3/03/2021 1:56 pm  #12

Re: Hapless outrage

If you're looking for a place to start comparisons of external hard drives:

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3/03/2021 4:00 pm  #13

Re: Hapless outrage

Thank you joe nandi.

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3/03/2021 5:41 pm  #14

Re: Hapless outrage

good luck


3/03/2021 7:00 pm  #15

Re: Hapless outrage

Griffie -- a disaster. My commiserations. That happened to me 2 computers ago, fortunately before I created my website.  Who was your web host? Do they have a copy on their server?
The loss of your artwork, emphasis on WORK, is what I would consider the main loss. But it sounds like you found those files somewhere else. Such a relief.

After my crash I started using an external hard drive to copy my computer's content. Of course, I don't do it as often as I should. The pills don't work if they are in the bottle, the hard drive back up don't work if you don't back up !!!

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3/04/2021 12:16 pm  #16

Re: Hapless outrage

So sorry to hear this Griffin-ji. So frustrating!

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3/08/2021 9:09 pm  #17

Re: Hapless outrage

Griffin-ji, ugh, and double-ugh!  I have an external drive that I backup oh, when I think about it, which isn't often enough. 
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3/10/2021 6:02 pm  #18

Re: Hapless outrage

things like this are what make me scared of losing my laptop- currently my only available machine. I am about $800+ into a $3k savings goal I set in order to buy a new computer that has the specs I want (beefy, big memory, hefty GPU, meant for heavy duty gaming and VR, and able to hold it's own with things like Unreal Engine, etc)

Here's hoping the Old Girl hangs in there until I can get the Big Boy.


3/15/2021 7:49 am  #19

Re: Hapless outrage

Griffinmoon, would you like a photo of my quilt? Would be so happy to send one to you, if you need it/would like it. It is on the wall in my office that people see on Zoom calls and they all always ask about it 


3/15/2021 10:08 am  #20

Re: Hapless outrage

Oh, thank you ever so much. Yes, I would.

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