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9/05/2020 7:53 pm  #1

Timeline Questions - A-U (moved from Quinaltine Steps)

So, I'm trying to get something straight for a piece I'm trying to write (for our sevenall, actually).

The chronology at says that 

"2291 ... ECS8 Gloriana reaches Pell Station [SS10: Tau Ceti]; applies for conversion, but is finally turned into an ore carrier while the crew is transferred to the new ship FTLECS2 Valiant."

That timeline also notes that "2285 - Musa born in deep space, aboard one of the last sub-lights: Gloriana.."

Graff causes a stir in the hearings about the crackup of the Hellburner prototype by noting that he was born "on the sublighter Gloriana on its last deep-space run."  That hearing was held on "June 20, 2324" according to  During that hearing, Gen. Bonner claims that Graff is "approximately early 20s" (Graff does not agree).

This seems to indicate that Graff and Musa are of approximately the same generation, although Musa was born early in that cohort and Graff late.

Graff's next ship (presumably when Gloriana becomes an in-system ore carrier) is the Polly d'Or after that.  The various lists of merchanter ships (from the "Company Wars" game) indicate that the family name of the Polly d'Or  crew is Peterson, and that Polly d'Or  is an ore ship maybe it's the former Gloria?  Maybe not: when Graff gives his particulars to the court clerk, he describes himself as "formerly of the merchanter Polly d'Or, assigned militia ship Victoria under Captain Keu."

Anyway, so I'm trying to piece together Graff's actual biography from this.  Anybody have any input, comments, other sources I should be checking?



3/09/2021 8:05 pm  #2

Re: Timeline Questions - A-U (moved from Quinaltine Steps)

I am  extremely late to this - I just noticed it..

But that's a good catch, Cho.  I hadn't connected those mentions of Gloriana but your interpretation makes sense to me.  I've got nothing to add to Graff's biography until he turns up again in Downbelow Station as Norway's Helm One..  There's a couple mentions of relativistic age effects on physical appearances and apparent age in both Finity's End and Tripoint iirc.

Btw, please say hello to Sevenall for me .  I miss their presence here and think of them fondly every time I pick up and re-read Hellburner, which I do often - it's my go-to Cherryh title when i need a quick fix.

It's a strange world.  Let's keep it that way.

4/13/2021 7:43 pm  #3

Re: Timeline Questions - A-U (moved from Quinaltine Steps)

Thanks, I'll see about saying hi ... she comes and goes at the venues I frequent online.   I probably owe her email.

Are folks here interested in fanfic at all these days?  The piece I wrote turned out quite long, and then I wrote two other short ones.  And she wrote a few as well ... it was a busy writing exchange for the two of us.

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