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5/09/2020 8:19 am  #1

Elegy for Darkness, Jacqueline Carey

Just finished, and enjoyed it a lot. It's an upside down, inside out telling of the LOTR (although with many, many differences).  Most interesting are the motivations of Satoris and his off-screen opponent, older brother Haomane. 

The cover for the limited edition is glorious. 

Highly recommended if you like high fantasy at all. The original 2004&5 volumes should be obtainable. 

If all that is good thinks you evil... are you?

Once upon a time, the Seven Shapers dwelled in accord and Shaped the world to their will. But Satoris, the youngest among them, was deemed too generous in his gifts to the race of Men, and so began the Shapers' War, which Sundered the world.

Now six of the Shapers lay to one end of a vast ocean, and Satoris to the other, reviled by even the race of Men.Satoris sits in his Darkhaven, surrounded by his allies. Chief among them is Tanaros Blacksword, immortal Commander General of his army. Once a mortal man who was betrayed by King and Wife, Tanaros fled to Darkhaven a thousand years ago, and in Satoris's service has redeemed his honor-but left his humanity behind.

Now there is a new prophecy that tells of Satoris's destruction and the redemption of the world. To thwart it, Satoris sends Tanaros to capture the Lady of the Ellylon, the beautiful Cerelinde, to prevent her alliance with the last High King of Men.

But Tanaros discovers that not all of his heart has been lost--his feelings for Cerelinde could doom Satoris, but save the race of Men...

George RR Martin did a blog entry:"BANEWREAKER (Tor, 2004) and GODSLAYER (Tor, 2005) by Jacqueline Carey.

Someone once said that the villain is the hero of the other side, a maxim that l long ago took to heart in my own fiction. Lately it seems as if a lot of other folks have taken it to heart as well. Witness WICKED, the hit novel and Broadway show that tries to redeem the Wicked Witch of the West, or the recent deluge of vampire novels wherein the vamps are the heroes, rather than the monsters of yore.

And now comes Jacqueline Carey, best known for her Kushiel series of erotic fantasy novels, with BANEWREAKER (Tor, 2004) and GODSLAYER (Tor, 2005), a two-part high fantasy epic that is at heart a retelling of LORD OF THE RINGS from the point of view of Sauron. Oh, Sauron’s not in it, of course. Neither is Gandalf nor Frodo the Ringbearer nor Aragorn son of Arathorn; that would be copyright infringement. You don’t have to squint very hard to see their shadows standing behind Satoris the Third-Born, Malthus, Dani the Water-Bearer, and Aracus Altorus, however, for all that Carey does a deft job of making them characters in their own right. And where Sauron had his Nine, Satoris has his Three, the foremost of whom, Tanaros Blacksword, is really the hero (antihero?) of the saga, and a damned compelling character. You can’t help rooting for him, even though you are uncomfortably aware all the while that you’re cheering on the Witch-King of the Nazgul… which may well be Carey’s point. It’s a splendid idea splendidly accomplished, so much so that I ended up wishing there were three of them instead of two. I mean, hey, if you’re going to go this far, why not go all the way? I have not read Carey’s better known Kushiel books yet, but if they are as good as these, I know I’ll need to check them out.

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5/09/2020 2:44 pm  #2

Re: Elegy for Darkness, Jacqueline Carey

That does sound good!

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5/09/2020 10:19 pm  #3

Re: Elegy for Darkness, Jacqueline Carey

I've heard good things about, but not yet read, Carey, so I will add her name to my list of authors to try at some stage.

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