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4/25/2020 9:17 am  #1

Example - how to transfer from the old forum

Testing ways to transfer threads from the Tapatalk fourm to here. Sadly, there is no import capability. However, TT has a "Switch to print view" option (top right of each new page) that simplfies the layout.

Copy and paste to a new post here. 

To improve the readability you can edit after posting. Find each  "Posted: date name" and hit return a to bring that to a new line for some amount of clarity. 

Of course, you can edit more as you like !!  Imperfect and cumbersome, but not too bad.


4/25/2020 11:04 am  #2

Re: Example - how to transfer from the old forum

When you want to post a thread in this new site please post it in the Malguri a sense of History forum as that is our Archives.  You should be able to post one page of old site information into one post of new site archive. Contact one of us if you need help doing this.   

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