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5/28/2021 8:31 am  #1

Visit to the planetarium

My child and I went to the Natural History Museum yesterday and took in the show at the Hayden Planetarium, which was awesome and highly recommended. 
did you know that if all the rocks in the asteroid belt were mushed up into one piece it would be smaller than our moon? I wonder what that fact does to the asteroid mining concept in Heavy Time. I had the idea that there was a whole lot more stuff out there. 
also, the photos on permanent display from the Apollo missions are amazing and profoundly moving. I don’t think my sense of awe was adequately engaged when those events occurred.


5/28/2021 11:27 am  #2

Re: Visit to the planetarium

Interesting question about the asteroid belts.  I know CJC isn't the first to use that concept, I recall E.E. "Doc" Smith used it in "Galactic Patrol" as a cover identity for Kimball Kinnison.  Our asteroid belt might not have the mass necessary to carry anything but rock, iron, and ice.  I wonder if there could have been another asteroid belt further out, say, between Jupiter and Saturn, or Saturn and Uranus, that would have been more massive, but has been absorbed by one or more of the outer planets. 
Other solar systems might have richer asteroid belts.  It's a thought....but I guess not all of us could hope to find such an asteroid as Kinnison found.....

I live 17 miles south of the Neil Armstrong Aerospace Museum.  There are a lot of artifacts in there, too.  I haven't been by in a long time, but I keep planning to go......get off my duff!!!!!

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