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3/27/2021 7:44 am  #1

Art for the Artists Guild

This week I swan dived into the world of digital art, when the arrival of a brand new Artist 12 XP-PEN graphic pen display (aka a graphics tablet) arrived at my door on Monday. After some fiddling about drawing a brief grayscale sketch to get used to the stylus and the program I chose (a free software called FireAlpaca), I then whipped out three projects of increasing complexity, two of which have been/are being recorded and uploaded to youtube.

Two are World of Warcraft game characters, and the third (currently in progress) is a commissioned piece, cover art for one of our members web novels (some of you may remember Sable Jak).

This is my Youtube channel, where you can follow my digital paintings:

As an artist, it would of course honor me if you would Like and Subscribe to my channel to show your encouragement and support! <3

And now, I shall add some art. :D

Shonai, Light Forged Draenei Paladin:

Rianor, Old Man Demon Hunter:

Formerly Neco the Nightwraith. Now Euforic Mania!

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