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3/13/2021 8:49 am  #1

Deep Rock Galactic

I'm BAAAAAAA-aaaaaaack! This time with another game: Deep Rock Galactic!

I was browsing the Steam specials and spotted this gem among all the others, and it was like, less than 3MB to download, which I totally dig because my potato laptop struggles with big games (which kills me- I got Ark: Evolution for hella cheap, but can't fit it on my computer! Not until I can get the external hard drive on board anyway.)

Anyway, I've only played Deep Rock Galactic for a couple days, but it's badass music track and sweet ambient background matches the first person shooter and mining action so perfectly. It's like Minecraft, but in deep space and with astronaut dwarven miners! Yeah, you read that right- who DOESN'T want to be a space dwarf?!

It's made for 1-4 players, and you can arrange solo, private or public server gameplay. I came in as a default gunner named Greenbeard (even though I don't have a beard yet lol, I have to buy that option later! I DO have a handlebar mustache and some sideburns that should be a crime though rofl).

Solo play is kinda fun- you choose a location (whatever is unlocked) and the drop ship takes you to the caverns you need to mine. You're in a mechsuit protected with a force field, and carry some tools with you- a minigun, a revolver, a zipline launcher and, among other things, a common pick axe! You also get the use of a M.U.L.E., a droid used to carry the loot you collect on your missions (because you can't carry all of it yourself!), and a little flying droid named BOSCO, who you can direct to help out with things like mining, shooting bad guys, and scouting ahead. You run around and mine minerals that the mission objective asks for, plus whatever else you can find, and defend yourself from enemy mobs.

Enemies are these giant insectoid aliens, who come at you in waves, but you better use your ammo wisely, because you can't reload! The last mission I did, I ran hard for the drop ship with zero bullets left and hoped I was fast enough, because I had a big boy on my tail and he wanted my dwarven butt! XD

When you're not out mining, you can hang out on a space station which acts a sort of public hub for you and your team, where you can buy gear and appearance upgrades, upgrades for your droids and weps, and even play mini games! You can interact with most of the world, pick stuff up, and explore, which is like, 9/10s of the fun in a game like this.

I've been running solo so far, but I hope to get some friends together for some team game play because there are four roles: Gunner (like me), Scout, Driller, and Engineer, each with a unique and useful purpose in the team.

Here's the link to get the game folks, and it's on 35% discount right now too! I'm not trying to sell it, I'm just giving you a Steam gamers tip, to buy the games when they're on sale, because otherwise they can be a fair chunk of cash to drop in one go sometimes. Apparently there's a few temporary perks too because the game developer is celebrating it's 3rd birthday, but honestly, that's only important if you're into following that sort of thing.

Anyway, if you feel up to trying something new, go for it!

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