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3/10/2021 6:27 pm  #1


I play many games, most from Steam, but the most recent one I've been enjoying is a Viking inspired survival game called Valheim. It reminds me of The Forest but feels less scary somehow despite all the monsters that are hunting you, and has a Minecraft vibe in the way you build and harvest stuff from the environment. I love that it takes physics into account when you build, so you have to actually consider your materials and design as you build.

It takes a little while to get yourself established, and is definitely a lot more fun with friends, but even playing solo it's worth it for the folklore-like vibe and the ambience of the music and the biomes. I LOVE that it lets you use the same character on multiple servers, meaning that you don't have to start over every time your friend invites you to play on a new server. You can bounce easily from server to server and still keep your gear and skill points.

There's heaps of different monsters you can fight, including powerful boss mobs. Don't feel like fighting? Then take some time to gather materials and build a Viking fort instead! You can also go hunting and fishing, treasure hunting, track down a mysterious trader in the wilderness to buy stuff from him, and you can even build yourself a ship and go exploring across the seas. This game has HUGE maps, and like Minecraft, you have several biomes that you can explore in order to obtain different resources.

The game is in early access still, and the devs are promising more to come on game content- personally, I could really use a horse or something, as currently we are stuck running everywhere on our own two feet, and having a mount would more fun! There's a few bugs and glitches that they're working out, but over all, I am looking forward to more!

If you want to give it a try, let me know, and I can introduce you to the game via my own personal server. <3

A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage!


3/19/2021 10:35 pm  #2

Re: Valheim

And update on my Valheim gameplay:

Currently Raven Hall has been built, with it's own portal room and plenty of light, fires, beds for friends, and storage. I moved the smelter and the charcoal oven to the back of it, but I don't like the small size of the area, and want to expand it when I get the chance. The meadery will eventually be torn down and rebuilt, and more mead fermenters built inside it so that many potions can be brewed at once. It will eventually be enclosed in a large pallisade, but I haven't got that yet. I still want to build a few out buildings for effect, and paths.

I also built a boat! I sailed around for a while before I got bored and landed on a different part of the world. I did not take into account that the greylings would attack my boat though, and they broke it, leaving me stranded, a stranger in a strange land! I traveled the entire coastline of the island, to learn that it was an island. Unfortunate! I did discover a swamp biome and a plains biome, so I may build portals there in order to make use of those resources. I also discovered a Draugr village, and castle ruins.

This is where friends come in handy for this game- I asked a friend to log into my world, go to my portal, and reprogram it for the portal I set up on that island I got stranded on. Now I have two working portals, a way to travel to two different lands easily, and I'm able to get back to my base to repair my gear!

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