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1/30/2021 11:48 am  #1

Vaccination status?

I'm scheduled for Wednesday February 3 at 7:35 AM.  My state (Iowa) is opening up for seniors on February 1 and at 82 I definitely qualify!  I'm wondering how the rest of the group is doing, who's gotten vaccine, who's gotten sick and recovered, and definitely hoping that there's no worse news to be had.


1/30/2021 8:35 pm  #2

Re: Vaccination status?

I registered today. I'm 61, so it will be a while. 


1/30/2021 11:01 pm  #3

Re: Vaccination status?

NY is having some confusion about do we have or don't we have enough, and so far only for 75+ non-essential. It's projected to b this fall before I could get one. So, I sit and twiddle my thumbs in the best fashion.


1/31/2021 12:15 am  #4

Re: Vaccination status?

I am currently enrolled in a Covid immunological study.  In 18 days I will receive the second dose of either the placebo or the actual vaccine being studied.  Then 21 days later I will receive the opposite. It's an interesting study.   

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1/31/2021 1:36 am  #5

Re: Vaccination status?

It doesn't look like it's happening at all out here in the off-world colonies just yet.  As far as I can tell, our political 'leaders' are saving it up so that Scummo the Crime Minister and the rest of his incompetent band of clowns can make maximum mileage out of a snap federal election later this year..

But that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong.

It's a strange world.  Let's keep it that way.

1/31/2021 8:39 am  #6

Re: Vaccination status?

I lost taste and smell on the night of September 30, went the next morning to get tested, and 2 days later, they called and said I tested positive.  Into quarantine, but since the initial symptoms had started a week earlier, (sniffles, stuffy and runny nose, slight cough), they dated my quarantine from that initial date.
Went to the blood bank to give plasma for convalescent patients, since the blood center had asked me to come in, and when they tested, they said there were no antibodies in my plasma.  Either I'd gotten a false positive in October, or the antibodies had faded into oblivion.
While I wear a mask when I go into various places, I don't use it any other time.  Our governor (Dewine) has threatened the businesses with closure by the Bureau of Workers Compensation if they allow customers to come in without masks.  I don't want to be responsible for employees being idled without pay because I got them in trouble with the State of Ohio. 
Vaccine?  Um, thanks, but no thanks.  My choice, and I won't criticize anyone else who makes their own decisions.

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1/31/2021 2:58 pm  #7

Re: Vaccination status?

Spouse and I both qualify by age, and were able to receive the first dose last Wednesday, with the second dose scheduled for mid February. No adverse reactions other than a sore arm at the site of the injection. It was moderately more sore than for the flu vaccine. But we are now double masking whenever we go out (which is very very rare) since it is uncertain that the vaccine will address the mutant strains and since those are now apparently in our vicinity. It would be a shame to get it now, after being so careful for very nearly a year. 
The appointments, which were hard to come by a few weeks ago, seem more readily available over the last few days, here in the vicinity of NYC. 



1/31/2021 8:09 pm  #8

Re: Vaccination status?

Both the Moderna and the Astrazenca are effective for all currently known variants. You and Spouse got one of those brands.


2/02/2021 9:51 pm  #9

Re: Vaccination status?

Spouse and I are both 63, and though we have moderate underlying conditions (asthma - me, hypertension - both of us) it's unlikely we'll get vaccinated until April. We mask religiously, do outdoor delivery / pickup whenever possible, and are itching to enjoy retirement with the travel trailer, but too many places are restricting visitors and if we DID get sick we'd be too far to travel home quickly, and there'd be no one to take care of the dog. 

I have heard that having COVID only gives you protection for about 5 - 8 months, but more study is needed.

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2/03/2021 5:18 am  #10

Re: Vaccination status?

I am scheduled for my second vaccine dose this very day. Qualify based on work. The second dose sometimes comes with a day or two of headache and/or flulike symptoms, so I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to work Thursday. However, that reaction is more common among younger people. 

Incidentally, while it does appear that the current vaccines are at least effective in preventing severe disease, I too am a little apprehensive about the South African strain.The manufacturers all expect lower rates of efficacy against this, probably still enough though, and we are only now ramping up genomic testing to determine the prevalence regionally and in the US generally. I fully expect to receive a booster against new strains down the road. BTW, only Pfizer and Moderna are currently approved in the US. J and J likely in the coming weeks, followed by Novavax. AstraZeneca maybe down the road.

It’s very apparent (as it should have been from the beginning) that SARS CoV-2 has to be seen through a global perspective. If we fully vaccinate parts of the world, and allow billions of others to incubate this virus in their bodies, we will allow a myriad of opportunities for mutation. New and potentially more dangerous strains may soon appear on our doorstep. Infectious disease needs to be understood from a planetary perspective.

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