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1/22/2021 11:35 am  #1

Cherryh books shelfie

My *almost* complete collection of her fiction. Still need to track down a few uncollected short stories. 

happy Friday everyone, it's been a good week -- at least the last few days


1/23/2021 10:23 pm  #2

Re: Cherryh books shelfie

Very nice work, mahe!  A much prettier display than mine - shelf space is at a real premium here at Chateau Dysfunction..

Just out of interest, what are you still missing to complete the collection?   I know SWMBO would be overjoyed if I were to find it in my heart to let go of some of my duplicates. 


It's a strange world.  Let's keep it that way.

1/24/2021 1:42 am  #3

Re: Cherryh books shelfie

I've got my shelves 2 deep in places. You keep yours so neat.

Wild about cats, handmade lace, CJ Cherryh.   politics junkie

1/27/2021 9:25 pm  #4

Re: Cherryh books shelfie

Very orderly. Looks a lot like my shelves, except for the clean look!

One world -- or none

1/28/2021 4:07 pm  #5

Re: Cherryh books shelfie

Nice bookends too.


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