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1/02/2021 11:53 am  #1

Foreigner "easter egg"

Found this interesting tidbit on Facebook

I’m rereading the “Foreigner” series and picking up a lot of plot points and themes I didn’t notice on the first pass, or else had forgotten by the time I read the later books. Also I found a sort of Easter egg. I’m reading the books on my Kindle and I wanted to know what C. J. Cherryh meant, in geographic terms, by “the Marid” or “the Tasigin Marid”. Some authors use a feature called X-ray, where if you select a character name or other terms unique to that book a short description comes up. I selected “Marid” and didn’t get an X-ray blurb but the Kindle also checks Wikipedia and so I learned that Marid is a demon in Islam and represents rebellion. If you’ve read the Foreigner series, you know that the Marid is a constant source of trouble and rebellion, so what a perfect, yet obscure reference!

and one of the replies

Are you saying that you think she deliberately picked that word for "south" because of its meaning in islam? Apparently the "south=marid" was derived from immigration from the southern isle and the mingling of that population with the local people. She also states that the marid is different from the ragi lands because it is matriarchal. The marid has five regions/lordships: Taisigin, Dojisigin, Senji, Dausigin and Sungeni.



1/02/2021 12:11 pm  #2

Re: Foreigner "easter egg"

Idk about the "deliberate" word choice. Could be, knowing how wide CJs interests are. On the other hand, there's likely not a single word that can be made up by one person that doesn't exist in some other language or culture. 


1/02/2021 6:32 pm  #3

Re: Foreigner "easter egg"

Just for the record, the reply beginning "are you saying" is me.

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Re: Foreigner "easter egg"

lynxlacelady wrote:

Just for the record, the reply beginning "are you saying" is me.

ah ha!

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