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12/17/2020 7:36 am  #1

Snow and More Snow

It’s been snowing here in southern RI since early Wednesday evening.
Toes crossed that all my east coast salads are surviving well.

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12/17/2020 8:04 am  #2

Re: Snow and More Snow

We ended up with maybe 5 inches in the Shenandoah valley. We have lots of food and drink and don’t need to go out, so it’s beautiful.  Unfortunately, it’s not long for the world, highs in the mid 40’s are coming.


12/17/2020 11:55 am  #3

Re: Snow and More Snow

Western NY got varying amounts depending on altitude. My neighborhood got 1-3", the Jamestown Plateau got more like 1'.


12/17/2020 12:57 pm  #4

Re: Snow and More Snow

I think we had about 6 inches of wet snow overnight here on the Mass coast. slight rain now with the temperatures with the temperatures expected to drop which means glaciers on the roads. We did not get the expected high winds fortunately.


12/18/2020 12:46 am  #5

Re: Snow and More Snow

Las Vegas just had rain, the first rain in 240 days. It was about a quarter of an inch, but that's better than being bone dry!   

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