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12/08/2020 3:16 pm  #1


I have just sort of collapsed into my chair after the annual christmas cookie marathon. Been at for a few hours over the last 4 dys. On the plus side, I managed to make the Traditional Welsh Cakes this year. I think I managed to get them thin and crisp like they're supposed to be. They turned out very nicely none-the-less. My floor is covered in boxes of cookies and cooling trays of cookies. All that's left is to do some icing on some of them and We Are Done!
And that was only doing half/quarter recipes.

Now, to line up boxes for shipping them all out to what little family there is. Did ask the downstairs neighbor if she was interested--she said yes. Don't know if that's a silly thing to say or not: she may feel inundated by a *flood* of cookies. Best with tea or coffee, good with nog or milk. Neighbor Beware!


12/08/2020 4:30 pm  #2

Re: Cookie-ing! I want to try making the Russian teacakes again.  I wonder what recipe Bindanda uses for HIS teacakes that everyone seems to like so well, including Prakuyo an Tep.  I have a recipe for the Russian teacakes, but they seem to use pecans, whereas the commercially made ones taste like they use cashews. 

So far, my cookie making this season has extended to making two batches of oatmeal cookies.  They're easy, they're quick to make, and I just don't have the inclination to make the "Absolutely Deep Dark Chocolate Fudge Cookies" I learned from a professional chef.  I don't even have the inclination to make chocolate chip cookies right now. 
I have one of those cookie makers that I got from the Pampered Chef, but I tried it once, and it didn't do so well.  I used their recipe and it turned out terrible, it wouldn't even go through the dies. 

My mom used to make Christmas cookies, but I have no idea where that recipe is.  She had a lot of different cutter shapes, but now all of that's gone, too. 

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12/08/2020 7:59 pm  #3

Re: Cookie-ing!

And now I must remember to ask SWMBO whether she is planning to make Christmas shortbread this year.  She usually does.


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12/09/2020 4:31 pm  #4

Re: Cookie-ing!

Well, they're all out the door and the Neighbor has been inundated--to her pleasure. My kitchen has been mostly rediscovered and the left over cookies consolidated down to a more manageable arrangement.  

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