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Babbling Books » Becky Chambers » Today 3:56 am

Thanks, filed under For Later Review, assuming a larger body of work down the road 

Babbling Books » Becky Chambers » Yesterday 6:40 pm

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Kokipy wrote:

I believe I read the lonely planet one, and thought it was okay. I wasn’t wild about it, and not highly motivated to pursue her. But maybe I should try one more just to see if that original take was sound. It wasn’t bad or offensive, it just didn’t grab me. I think it was a babbler some time ago.

My records tell me I read it in February 2016.  I'm pretty sure it was a Babbler, and I recall having a similar reaction to Kokipy's.  In fact, I think it was one of a number of books around at the time that caused me to have a bit of a rant about what I was perceiving to be a New New Space Opera sub-genre (micro-genre?) starting to manifest in SF publishing. 

I also haven't seen the term hopepunk before, but I can think of a few writers who might also fit the label - assuming it's not just a marketing tag.

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